The Kamikaze Queens are Berlin Punk Cabaret — a saucy, tough and tantalizing female fronted rock’n’roll performance band from Berlin that ravage you with their incredible live show. With their second full length album, Automatic Life, the Queens take their unique stage show on the road with 14 new tracks—once again showing their many colors and musical influences in an explosive package of Punkrock, Garage, Swing, Burlesque, tales of night life, sea creatures, and good times gone bad. Don’t let the upright-bass fool you, ‘cause this ain’t no Rockabilly … Kamikaze Queens are a wild mis-behavin’ mix; kickin’, screamin’ and rockin’ out of this world!

Fronted by two dazzling American female singers, Trinity Sarratt (Runaway Brides, Crybabies) and Mad Kate (Bonaparte) take turns at being sweet & sour, dancing, kicking, and playing percussion, together with one of Germany’s hottest Guitar Players, Tex Morton (Mad Sin, Sunny Domestozs, Chip Hanna), Acrobatic Upright Bass Player “Luscious Lloyd” Clark (Sin City Circus Ladies) from Upstate New York,  and Nico Lippolis (ROPE, Bridge and Tunnel) from Bella Italia on Drums,  the Kamikaze Queens live experience is “like a suicide pilot dive- bombing your Rock’n’Roll senses” … and pushing up daisies.

With the release of their debut album “Voluptuous Panic” (Sounds of Subterrania/Cargo 2009) they have toured all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the USA at SXSW 2009. From Punk Clubs to Theaters, Psycho Shows to Heavy Metal Festivals, to the Tiniest Bar in Texas, the Kamikaze Queens conquer and titillate any and every situation with their unique and one of a kind ensemble, made in Berlin.

Their brand new full length album, Automatic Life (Sounds Of Subterrania/Rough Trade/Autumn 2011), embodies the breadth of style that the Kamikaze Queens deliver, from a 24 hour Southern stomper at the Tastee 29 to the dark and mysterious call of Night Life. Snagged on My Stiletto is a cocktail of switchblade cool and punk-rock attitude. Strap in for a night of breaking hearts and raging Rock’n’Roll—Hell hath no fury like a strong woman in stilettos with a cat o’ nine tails! Good Times is the hit that’s engine don’t run on gasoline. It’s got all the lust, glamour, broken glass, bloody knees, booze and heartache that leaves you torn and frayed … but comin’ back for more. The story twists and dives deep into the sea with Sweet Geraldine and I Was a Teenage Mermaid. They tell the tale of the mermaid Geraldine who has to leave everything she knows to follow her nagging curiosity and her rebellious spirit. Though her family might kill her, she’s drawn to the rough and tumble, whores and trannies, punks and freaks that await her on land. Add to that a little John Waters-esque absurdity with a 60’s dance-craze number, Do The Crab—which is actually the first song Tex Morton ever wrote the music AND lyrics to—and you’re hooked, line and sinker! Joined by special guests on horns, singing saw and cello, as well as guest vocals, kazoos, whistles, The Kamikaze Queens take a whole new approach to Rock’n’Roll.

Trinity & Mad Kate: Vocals & Kicks
Luscious Lloyd: Upright Bass
Tex Morton: Twang Bomb Guitar
Nico Lippolis: Drums


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