•Automatic Life LP & CD
(Sounds of Subterrania/Rough Trade/Autumn 2011)

•Kamikaze Queens & The Legendary Kid Combo Split 7″ (Tornado Ride Records 2011)

•”Tastee 29/ 3 Strikes” 7″ single (Heptown Records 2010)

•”Voluptuous Panic” LP & CD
(Sounds of Subterrania/ Cargo/ March 2009)

• Limited Edition silk screened “Voluptuous Panic” LP (Sewn on 3 sides, with Photo Cards inside)

•Limited Edition silk screened
“Don’t Look Back/I Wanna Know You” 7″ Single With Garter Belt (Artwork by Antoine Bernhard & Bongout/ Sounds of Subterrania/ 2007)

• Kamikaze Queens- 4 track EP (2006)


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